Deputy Director Zhu Haisheng attended the signing ceremony of "Jiangsu Water Resources Group"

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On October 20, sponsored by Jiangsu Water Resources and Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Water Conservancy and Foreign Economics Corporation, Jiangsu Water Conservancy Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Survey and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Water Conservancy Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. participated in 4 enterprises. The inaugural meeting and signing ceremony of the "Jiangsu Water Resources Group" was held in Nanjing. Zhu Haisheng, deputy director of the Provincial Water Resources Department and director of the Provincial Water Conservancy Construction Bureau, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech.
The establishment of "Group" aims to actively respond to the strategic call of the country "The Belt and Road Initiative" and "going out", to promote the "Jiangsu Water Resources" brand to the world, and give full play to the platform function that Jiangsu Water Conservancy and Foreign Economics Corporation has formed overseas. To demonstrate the comprehensive strength of "Jiangsu Water Resources" in engineering survey, design and construction. After its establishment, it will actively promote Jiangsu water conservancy enterprises to participate in the construction of "The Belt and Road Initiative" and give full play to the existing overseas markets and bases. Advantages, through the multi-channel and multi-method to promote the promotion of Group units, and jointly explore overseas markets.

Zhu Haisheng pointed out that at the time of the victory of the party’s 19th National Congress, the establishment of the "Group" was very meaningful. In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi pointed out that "it is necessary to focus on the construction of 'The Belt and Road Initiative' Adhere to the importance of introducing and going out, following the principle of building and sharing, strengthening the openness and cooperation of innovation capabilities, forming an open pattern of linkage between the land and the sea, and the two-way mutual benefit. "Expecting the broad prospects for the construction of The Belt and Road Initiative" Jiangsu water conservancy enterprises should further broaden their horizons and actively explore overseas market expansion. There will be more and more space. Jiangsu Water Resources has strong strength and is in a leading position in various technical fields. It has also carried out some market development in foreign countries. However, due to individual combat, the benefits are small. After the establishment of the "Group", it is conducive to the formation of a strong synergy, to create a "strength team", to enhance the ability to withstand the risk of foreign market operations; to build a development platform, to create a "development engine" and promote The benign development of the cause of each Group unit in the new period.
Director Zhu also pointed out: The establishment of "Group" is the need of Jiangsu's water conservancy development. Jiangsu water conservancy enterprises should further develop their horizons and actively explore overseas markets. The feasibility and necessity of the establishment of "Group" by Zhu Director and the sustainability of the Group The development has been analyzed, and specific operational recommendations have been put forward. The history of the development of the foreign trade company in the overseas market is long, the network is wide, the business channels are numerous, and the project implementation experience is rich, which provides feasibility for the establishment of the "Group"; the other three Enterprises are the vanguards in their respective industries. They are strong and led by foreign companies. The other three units play their respective roles and form Groups to go out. It is also necessary to implement the national "The Belt and Road Initiative" and "going out" strategies. Sexual requirements; he stressed that to achieve sustainable development, we must not only see good postures and opportunities, but also prevent business risks. We must further strengthen cooperation in various fields such as technical exchanges and personnel training among member units through cooperative development. Cohesive development and joint efforts to better and more fully display the "Jiangsu Water Conservancy" quality brand on the international stage. Finally, Director Zhu also put forward suggestions on the specific operation of the "Group". He proposed four units set up liaison system, regularly organize activities to enhance the exchange of talent, technology, management and other aspects of each other, join forces, ministries and agencies will also provide all kinds of necessary support for overseas development Group.