Remember the entrustment and dare to be the first Show the style of water conservancy in the pattern of double service cycle

Time:2021-05-19 17:06:15 | Views:

    General secretary Xi Jinping visited the Jiangdu hydro junction in November 13, 2020, and affirmed Jiangsu's water conservancy service nationwide and international cooperation. 
    In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping, on the basis of in-depth investigation and analysis, in May 13, 2021, the provincial water conservancy department held a symposium on "double circulation" of water services in the province, and studied the deployment of Jiangsu's water conservancy to go out and serve to build a dual cycle development pattern.
    Chen Jie, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Department, stressed that he should be bold to be the first, and strive to show the water conservancy style in Jiangsu in the service double cycle pattern, establish the image of Jiangsu water conservancy, and wade out a replicable, popularized and sustainable implementation path for the sustainable development of water conservancy industry in China.
    Chen Jie pointed out that building a new pattern of domestic and international double cycle is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee in accordance with the new development stage, new historical tasks and new environmental conditions in China. As the basic, strategic and leading industry of economic and social development, water conservancy should make a difference in the construction of double cycle service structure. The water conservancy industry in our province is in the key stage of climbing the slope and climbing the hill. The water conservancy system of the province should fully recognize that the double cycle of water conservancy service is the only way to realize the high-quality development of water conservancy in Jiangsu Province, improve the station position and grasp the overall situation, take water conservancy going out as part of the service of the national dual cycle development pattern, and as the concrete practice of expanding the opening up of water conservancy, As an important way for enterprises to be bigger and stronger, Jiangsu water conservancy will be the pioneer of "going out" by promoting greater scope, wider field and higher level foreign cooperation.
    Chen Jie stressed that the water conservancy system in the province must recognize the situation, strengthen the awareness of suffering, plan overall, combine internal and external, make practical measures and take practical steps, and firmly build the foundation for the sustainable development of water conservancy in China. First, water conservancy enterprises should practice their internal skills, constantly improve their competitiveness, activate their internal force, integrate ideas with the times, integrate services with the world, and compare management with international ones. Second, the group will take fire, and establish enterprise groups through resource integration and enterprise restructuring and reorganization, so as to further enhance the ability of capital operation, technology development, market competition and risk resistance. Third, we should give full play to the advantages of Jiangsu water conservancy design, construction and management, seize the major strategic opportunities of the state, aim at the regional development of water conservancy space, continuously expand the market share of construction, expand and strengthen the market of operation and service outside the province, and strive to create more water conservancy brands in Jiangsu. Four, one belt, one road, is to accelerate the pace of expanding overseas markets. We should expand the external technical cooperation with the emphasis of the "one belt and one road" along the country and region, and strive to play a leading role in design and exploration, explore the mode of industrial cooperation, and promote the development of water conservancy technology, products and services in our province.
    Chen Jie pointed out that water conservancy departments at all levels should take the demand of enterprises as the guidance, increase policy research, speed up personnel training, create a good atmosphere for enterprises to grow bigger, stronger and better, and help enterprises to move steadily and "go abroad". First, we should emancipate our minds and go out firmly. We should abandon the ideological concepts that do not want to be controlled, unwilling to manage, and dare not to manage, improve our standing position, recognize the situation and liberate our minds. Second, we should build a business assistance platform to escort the people to go out. Actively help build a platform for foreign cooperation and help enterprises solve difficulties and problems. Give full play to the role of platform, provide consulting guidance to enterprises in need of help, and transform the technology and management ability of the superior enterprises into the joint efforts of "going out".
    Third, we should organize the talent network to support the going out. Actively coordinate the organization, train personnel at different needs and levels, and help train talents with knowledge of language proficiency, familiarity with the political and economic situation of host country, legal policies, and overseas engineering organization implementation. Fourth, we should build a solid fence to get out safely. Water conservancy enterprises should respect the social and cultural customs of their country, improve the local people's awareness and satisfaction with the enterprises, strengthen risk control and gradually cooperate.