The company's six QC achievements won the excellent quality management achievement award of China water conservancy project

Time:2021-02-26 14:32:06 | Views:

    From November 12 to 15, China Association of water conservancy engineering organized the publication and evaluation of the achievements of the 2020 excellent quality management group of water conservancy projects in Hangzhou. The company participated in the release of 6 QC projects, all of which were awarded excellent quality management achievement award.
    At the press conference, the company obtained 1 class I achievement, 3 class II achievements and 2 class III achievements. Among them, the innovative QC achievement "a combined limit device for manual hoist" won the first class achievement. In this achievement, the successful development of a combined limit device for manual screw hoist can provide guarantee for gate lifting and lowering efficiently and safely.
    It is understood that in 2020, China Water Conservancy Engineering Association will accept a total of 1224 application results, involving the national water conservancy construction, design, supervision, consulting and other units. After data evaluation and publication evaluation, 701 excellent quality management team achievements of water conservancy projects were finally determined. In the early stage of the press conference, the Engineering Department of the company meticulously organized the theoretical training of the activities and the press conference of QC achievements within the scope of the company, which further improved and improved the quality of the QC team's tackling key issues.