We care about you!”-- Chen Jie, the Director of Water Resources Department of Jiangsu Province, visited overseas employees in video

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    Peoplethousands of miles away is concerned by the department leaders whom show the utmost solicitude. In the afternoon of February 9th, Chen Jie, the Secretary of the Party Group and the Director of the Department, called the staff representatives of Jiangsu Water Resources Corporationfor International Economical & Technical Cooperation in Mozambique and West Africa via video connection. He extended New Year greetings and best wishes to the staff working in the overseas front line on behalf of theParty Group of the Department.In the connection, Chen Haitao, the Deputy General Manager of Mozambique Branch and Guo Tao, the Deputy General Manager of West Africa Branch respectively reported the business development of overseas companies.In recent years, Mozambique Branch have participated in the implementation, such as urban water supply, EDM substation, storage tanks in BeiraPort, EN6 high-grade highway and ISCED distance education college and other projects related to national economy and people's livelihood, of which, the total turnover amounted to USD100 million.Two Mozambique presidents have participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for completion of the Mozambique Branch, which now has become a Chinese company with local influence.The West Africa Branch has successively implemented the 220Km high-voltage transmission line project in four countries in West Africa, the Monrovia cement plant and four substations projects. The total contract value of the project is USD 18.85 million, and the output value will be about USD 8.28 millionin 2020.
    Chen Jie asked them in detail about their production and living conditions, and told them to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, do a good job of personal protection, to ensure their own safety.Chen Jie said, "In recent years, you have overcome many difficulties and actively participated in the local project construction, and achieved good economic and social benefits, which has been widely recognized by the local government and society, and established a good image of Jiangsu water conservancy.On behalf of the Party Leadership Group of the Office, I would like to extend holiday greetings to all the staff of the overseas company.We hope that everyone will bear in mind the entrustment of General Secretary Xi Jinping, continue to carry forward the spirit of Jiangsu Water Conservancy, bear hardship, fight difficulties, bravely undertake the mission, make persistent efforts, serve the construction of One Belt and One Road, and make further achievements."
    In the connection with the overseas staff Wang Fengfei and Li Weicheng, Chen Jie asked them carefully about their overseas production and living conditions and said: "This Spring Festival is different from those in the previous years. Due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, you responded to the call and chose to spend the Spring Festival on site. The PartyGroup of the Department thanks you and cares about you!You have been working in Africa for years, especially in West Africa, where conditions are extremely tough andharsh. While fighting the epidemic, you have accomplished your task very well. It was not easy for you.I hope you will actively do a good job of epidemic prevention, reasonable arrangements for work and life, and have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.”
    After learning about Li Weicheng's infection, Chen Jie encouraged him: "Comrade Li Weicheng, do not worry, must follow the doctor's advice to take medicine on time, have a good rest, we will be with you forever, I wish you a speedy recovery!"
    The overseas staff expressed their gratitude for the care and care of the party group of the office, and expressed that they would live up to the great trust of the Department and contribute their strength to the construction of high-quality service "One Belt and One Road" of Jiangsu Water Conservancy.
    Zhu Haisheng,the Deputy director and the member of the Party Group, also attended the video meeting.