Political birthday" awakens the original intention of joining the Party

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       On the afternoon of July 22, an unusual "birthday party" was held in the conference room of Jiangsu Water Conservancy and Foreign Economic Cooperation Company. Zhang Jin, secretary of overseas branch of Provincial Water Conservancy and Flood Control Material Reserve Center, and three other party members of the branch celebrated Teng Tianqi's "political birthday".To firmly establish a party member's consciousness of the party spirit, don't forget to beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission, the overseas branch secretary Zhang Jin first took four party members in the party member's swearing-in ceremony, reliving the oath to the party, then on "political birthday card" for the TengTianqi, branch other party members are for TengTianqi to political birthday blessings and remarks."In a twinkling of an eye, It has been eight years since I joined the Party," Teng said. "Back then, My understanding of the Party was vague. I just felt that joining the Party was the organization's recognition and recognition of my hard work.Through years of education and training in the Party organization, I have gradually deepened my understanding of the Party and improved my party spirit.In the future work and life, I will bear in mind the identity of a Party member, bear in mind the requirements of the Party Constitution, practice the integrity and belief of a Communist party member with practical actions, never forget the original intention, and work hard!"Summarized in the end, the party branch secretary Zhang Jin comrade speech, he pointed out that the branch will like family in mind that family member's birthday, for each birthday party had a good politics, all party members to keep in mind as a communist party member's mission and responsibilities, completes the exemplary and leading role, demonstration for the party's cause and contribution to the development of overseas economic cooperation companies of their own strength.The launch of this political birthday activity has greatly touched the overseas party members, further strengthened the party members' confidence to follow the Party unswervingly, stimulated the party members' determination to fight for the Party and the people, and strengthened the party members' sense of mission and responsibility.They all said that in their future work and life, they would bear in mind their pledge to join the Party, never forget their original intention to join the Party, base themselves on their own posts, adhere to the Principles of the Party, strictly observe party discipline, actively play the vanguard role of party members, and become qualified party members who "know the party's favor, listen to the party's words, and follow the Party's lead".