SWATER further strengthened the overseas epidemic

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       prevention and control work instructions for the implementation of the hall on epidemic prevention and control of the party group spirit, rapid deployment and demand overseas economic cooperation companies of central party committee to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control work overseas, especially in strengthening the management of foreign workers and broaden the epidemic prevention and control of the control surface, maximize foreign employees and their families awareness and safety vigilance, do everybody knows, everybody attention, everyone involved, together to do a good job of COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control. According to the requirements of the superior, Mozambique and West African company quickly organized the special epidemic prevention workshops in batches, and explained the transmission route, prevention and treatment methods and clinical manifestations of the virus in detail for many times, so as to deepen the local foreign employees' awareness of the novel coronavirus and raise their awareness and vigilance. At the same time, stressed that all foreign employees must strictly implement the local government's prevention and control ban; Conduct a comprehensive screening of personnel. Foreign employees or their family members who have symptoms or had contact with suspected or confirmed covid-19 patients should report to the company in a timely manner, and all overseas employees are required to continue to strictly implement the company's epidemic prevention and control measures. The current overseas epidemic prevention and control work is entering the key period, the company will strictly according to the room of the party and the central party committee about the epidemic prevention and control work, in a more scientific method, more decisive measures, better prevention and control mechanism, pays special attention to the epidemic prevention and control and safety in production work abroad, to carry out the epidemic prevention.