Pile detection

Our company is mainly engaged in pile foundation testing, foundation testing, highway subgrade and bridge quality testing, with more than 20 years of foundation testing experience, holding the "single pile vertical static load test and composite foundation static load test", "pile high strain dynamic test", "pile low strain dynamic test", "ultrasonic test", "anchor rod test" issued by the provincial construction department "Witness sampling inspection" and other engineering quality inspection qualifications. It has a variety of advanced pile high and low strain testing instruments, static load testing instruments, ultrasonic nondestructive testing instruments, etc. It can undertake low strain detection of foundation piles, static load test of foundation piles below 3000 tons, high strain detection of foundation piles above 1000 tons, bearing capacity detection of various foundations (Composite Foundation) and quality detection of highway subgrade and pavement. In recent years, it has completed the national scenic spot Qiling tower, Yangzhou public security command center building, Yangzhou Nanfang union hospital building, Yangzhou laihetai square Yunhe building, Yangzhou Dongcheng international building, Yangzhou Runyang square, Yangzhou new century hotel, Yangzhou municipal government office building, Yangzhou national grain depot, Taizhou Yinjiang River hub station project, Huaihe River to sea waterway dispatching More than one thousand pile foundation tests have been carried out in the projects of sluice and floodgate, Ningjingyan expressway, huaijiang expressway, Yangzhou environmental protection power plant, Huai'an Huaneng Power Plant, Yangzhou Unicom, etc.

Low strain detector for foundation pile

Pile high strain detector

Foundation pile ultrasonic detector

Pile static load detector

Static load test site of anchor pile foundation

Testing site of low strain pile