Engineering Surveying and mapping

We hold the "class a surveying and mapping qualification certificate" issued by the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping and the "class a comprehensive engineering surveying certificate" issued by the Ministry of construction, and are equipped with GPS receiver, total station, precision level, all Digital Photogrammetry Workstation, large area scanner, color plotter and other auxiliary equipment. Capable of photogrammetry and remote sensing, engineering survey, geographic information system engineering, cadastral surveying and mapping, marine surveying and mapping, geodetic surveying and mapping, real estate surveying and mapping, administrative area boundary surveying and mapping, etc.

Completed topographic Atlas of Huaihe River water channel project

110000 topography and lake utilization survey of Taihu Lake -- the third prize project of national excellent engineering survey project

Undertake urban cadastral survey of Lhasa

Digital products produced by the company

Satellite image produced by the company

Aerial survey digital workstation

Surveying and mapping of Hongze Lake levee project

Won the silver award of excellent surveying and mapping project of National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping - surveying and mapping of Huaihe River water channel project

Surveying and mapping of Sanyang river channel project of South to North Water Transfer Project

Water system map of Jiangsu Province

Orthophoto Atlas of South to North Water Diversion Project