The overseas business of Jiangsu water conservancy overseas cooperation alliance started in the 1950s. Its member units have successively carried out engineering cooperation with more than 20 countries, including Vietnam, Tanzania, Namibia, Bangladesh, Senegal, Cameroon, Somalia, Nepal, Mauritania, Ecuador, the United States, France, Norway, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, etc., and the quality of projects undertaken Good, short construction period and low cost are highly praised. Tanzania's mbalali farm water conservancy project is famous in Africa; Senegal's afiniam water conservancy project is rated as a high-quality project; Somalia's fenoli main canal reinforcement project won the second prize of Jiangsu Provincial Science and technology progress; Pakistan's koteri sluice reinforcement project, Philippine bage irrigation system repair and improvement project, Nepal's container terminal project and other projects were built locally It has established a good reputation and won the praise of the local people.