Jiangsu water conservancy construction engineering Co., Ltd. is a national "water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction general contracting level 1" qualification enterprise. At the same time, it has general contracting and professional qualifications for port and waterway engineering, municipal public engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, shishifang engineering, foundation and foundation engineering, steel structure, etc. At present, there are more than 500 professional technical and management personnel, including 223 personnel with middle and senior professional titles, 156 class I and class II construction engineers, 401.36 million yuan of registered capital, 920 million yuan of total assets, and more than 1000 sets of various large and medium-sized mechanical equipment.

Since its establishment in 1952, the company, as a backbone construction team of Jiangsu water conservancy system, has always adhered to the responsibility of "serving the country through engineering" and actively undertaken the task of water conservancy infrastructure construction. It has constructed Jiangdu water conservancy project, Huai'an water conservancy project, Taizhou leading River Gaogang project, Huaihe River to the sea waterway, Yishusi river basin governance, the first phase of the East Route of South to North Water Transfer Project and Taihu Lake water environment comprehensive project More than 600 large and medium-sized projects with large volume, complex technology and high construction difficulty, such as renovation, have made positive contributions to the construction of water conservancy projects and the development of water conservancy undertakings in Jiangsu Province with excellent quality, reasonable construction period, advanced management and sincere service, reassuring the owners and speaking with achievements.

The company has the right of direct foreign operation. As early as the 1960s, it has undertaken many national economic assistance projects to Vietnam, Myanmar, Senegal, Tanzania and other countries; since the 1980s, it has independently contracted agricultural irrigation, water conservancy and hydropower and other international bidding projects in Nepal, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, the Philippines and other countries, gaining a good international reputation.

In April 2005, according to the regulations and policies on the transfer of state-owned property rights, the company completed the enterprise restructuring in a standardized way. Since the system reform, the company has taken the establishment and improvement of modern enterprise system as its goal, pushed forward the reform of internal management system, implemented the strategy of diversified operation and development, carried out system innovation and technological innovation, and walked out an innovative road of reform and development. The company's comprehensive economic strength and market competitiveness have been continuously enhanced, and entered a new stage of rapid development.

Based on the principle of "mutual benefit and common development", Jiangsu water construction company will sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to build more's excellent project which is harmonious with nature and harmonious with social development.