Jiangsu Water Resources Overseas Cooperation Alliance

In response to the call of the national "going global" strategy, we actively participated in the construction of "one belt and one road" to demonstrate the technical and managerial advantages of "Jiangsu water conservancy" in engineering investigation, design and construction. In October 2017, with the direct concern and support of Jiangsu Provincial Department of water resources, four key leading enterprises of Jiangsu water resources system, including Jiangsu water resources Waijing company, Jiangsu Engineering Survey and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Jiangsu water resources survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu water conservancy construction engineering Co., Ltd., jointly established "Jiangsu water resources foreign cooperation alliance". Each member unit of the alliance has strong strength in engineering investigation, design, construction and other aspects. It has completed many large-scale water conservancy projects such as Jiangdu water conservancy project, Huaihe River Estuary, South to North Water Diversion, and has more than 60 years of overseas economic and technical cooperation history, enjoying a high international reputation.

Jiangsu water conservancy foreign economic Co., Ltd. started overseas business as early as the 1950s. With rich experience in foreign project construction, it can undertake the construction of various industrial, civil and municipal projects. The company has branches in Mozambique, Liberia and Tanzania in Africa and obtained the highest construction level (Level 7) qualification in Mozambique. The company will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "Houze cultivation, Runde unlimited", further expand the overseas market, and display the good image of "Jiangsu water conservancy".
      Jiangsu Engineering Survey and Research Institute Co., Ltd. was founded in 1949. The company has all kinds of professional talents, and has a number of class A and class B qualifications issued by the Ministry of construction, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping, and the Department of construction of Jiangsu Province. It has successively participated in the survey of national key water conservancy projects and geotechnical engineering management, and won a number of national, provincial and municipal high-quality engineering awards, science and technology progress awards. The company always adheres to the policy of "scientific management, high quality and efficiency, environmental protection, health and safety, customer satisfaction" to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

Jiangsu water conservancy survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. was established in 1957. The company holds 7 National Grade A qualifications, 6 national grade B qualifications and professional engineering design grade C qualifications in the water conservancy industry. The company has successively undertaken a number of regional planning and engineering consulting for Huaihe River, Yangtze River and other basins in the province, as well as many large-scale pump stations, sluices, reservoirs, ship locks, bridges, culverts, wharves, industrial and civil construction engineering design and engineering construction supervision. The company adheres to the scientific concept of development, based on water conservancy, serves customers and makes due contributions to the development of society.

Founded in 1952, Jiangsu water conservancy construction engineering Co., Ltd. is the backbone construction team of water conservancy system in Jiangsu Province, with the national "water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction general contracting level I" qualification, as well as the general contracting and professional qualification of port and waterway engineering, municipal public engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, earthwork engineering, foundation and foundation engineering, steel structure, etc. The project has been highly praised by the owner for its excellent quality, reasonable construction period, advanced management and sincere service.

The alliance units will transform their talent, technology and management advantages into alliance joint efforts to enhance the overall competitiveness of international engineering construction. We will increase our efforts to explore the overseas engineering construction market and show the world the high-quality brand of "Jiangsu water conservancy".