Working place


Number of recruits

Engineering Management

Nanjing City



1. Mainly responsible for on-site construction management, implementation of construction progress, construction quality, safe and civilized construction and on-site cost saving measures.
2. Be mainly responsible for (communication and coordination) the contact of relevant departments in the field supervision, design and construction, and timely (solve and answer) the specific problems in the construction.
3. Be responsible for the preparation and implementation of construction plan.
4. Assist in project fund settlement, claim and final account during project implementation.
5. Participate in the acceptance of each stage of the project and sorting out the completion data.
1. Be familiar with various construction project management and technical specifications, be able to deal with technical problems in the construction process independently, and have strong project construction organization and comprehensive coordination ability.
2. Overseas working experience is preferred.
3. Project construction management overseas is acceptable.
4. Proficient in using computers and all kinds of office software, conscientious and team spirit.