In response to the national "going out" strategy, actively participate in the " Belt and Road" construction, showcase the technical and management advantages of "Jiangsu Water Resources" in engineering survey, design and construction. In October 2017, under the direct care and support from the leaders, Jiangsu Water Resources Overseas Cooperation Alliance was established, which consist of 4 companies, they are “Jiangsu Water Resources Corporation For International Economical & Technical Cooperation”, “Jiangsu Province Engineering Investigation and Research Institute Co., Ltd.”, “Jiangsu Surveying and Design Institute of Water Resources Co., Ltd.”, “Jiangsu Water Hydraulic Engineering Construction Co., Ltd”. They are the four leading enterprises of Jiangsu water conservancy system. All members of the alliance have strong strength in engineering survey, design and construction, and completed many large-scale water conservancy projects such as Jiangdu Water Control Project, Huaihe River Waterway, South-to-North Water Division Project etc., and they have more than 60 Years of overseas economic and technical cooperation history, enjoying a high international reputation.

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The company has obtained two qualifications of geological disaster prevention unit

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The company has recently received two certificates for qualification of geological disaster prevention unit issu